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Issuer news 15522

12.04.2024. 11:41 – Code of Corporate Governance Questionnaire (art. 121. ZSE Rules)

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12.04.2024. 11:00 – Notification of the acquisition or disposal of own shares (art. 474. CMA) - Acquisition of shares

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11.04.2024. 15:34 – Inside information

Croatian Competition Agency based on the complete notification of the concentration of the undertaking within the meaning of Article 20 of the ZZTN, the established structure of the relevant market with regard to existing potential competitors, the post-concentration market share of the participants in the concentration, the expected effects of the concentration in terms of benefits for the consumer and other available information and knowledge, the Council assessed that it can be reasonably assumed that the specific case is not a prohibited concentration within the meaning of Article 16 of the ZZTN

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11.04.2024. 10:31 – Assembly information