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21.03.2012. 08:44 – Općenita propisana informacija

20.03.2012. 13:36 – Općenita propisana informacija

Institut IGH d.d. delivered notice on General Meeting to be held on 26.04.2012.

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19.03.2012. 11:00 – Inside and other information

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19.03.2012. 09:11 – Općenita propisana informacija

15.03.2012. 14:10 – Inside and other information

Enquiry from the Zagreb Stock Exchange about existence of material fact in the article published at the Osijek031-com web pages "County and Institut IGH enter into contract for preparation of the transport and regional growth study for the town of Osijek and its surroundings"

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14.03.2012. 09:49 – Općenita propisana informacija

HT d.d. delivered notice on General Meeting to be held on 25.04.2012.

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13.03.2012. 10:09 – Inside and other information

Zagreb, 13.03.2012 - Atlantic Grupa d.d. will hold from 15-16th March 2012 meetings with investors at 13th Annual Emerging Europe Investment Conference organized by UniCredit in New York, USA.

12.03.2012. 11:07 – Inside and other information

Nedžad Rešidbegović, MSc, the general manager of BH Telecom and Gordana Kovačević, MSc, the president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla signed on March 12, 2012 in Zagreb the contract related to the support and maintenance of fixed and mobile BH Telecom technologies, in the coming period.

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09.03.2012. 13:43 – Inside and other information

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09.03.2012. 09:41 – Općenita propisana informacija