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Issuer news 15521

21.10.2011. 15:01 – Inside and other information

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20.10.2011. 13:11 – Inside and other information

On Monday 24 October 2011, a meeting of the Supervisory Board of Croatia osiguranje d.d. will be held at the premises of the Head Office of Croatia osiguranje d.d.

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10.10.2011. 16:34 – Inside and other information

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10.10.2011. 15:43 – Općenita propisana informacija

Medika d.d. acquired 825 own shares which makes 2,73 % of share capital.After above acquisition Medika d.d. owns 1584 shares which makes 5,25 % of share capital. Price of acquistion was 7309,83 HRK per share.Purpose of acquisition is based on the decision of General Assembly dated 30.06.2011. approved by Supervisory Board.

07.10.2011. 10:52 – Inside and other information


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07.10.2011. 10:26 – Inside and other information

Ericsson Nikola Tesla contracted new export deals amounting to more than MHRK60. The majority of contracts refer to the CIS market.

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