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15.10.2010. 15:22 – Inside and other information

ADEPTO d.o.o.transferred to the company STIPIĆ GRUPA d.o.o.10 percent of the interest in the company CENTAR BUNDEK

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14.10.2010. 15:30 – Inside and other information

the reply to questions about "Lero"

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13.10.2010. 14:18 – Općenita propisana informacija

Atlantic Grupa d.d. delivered notice on General Meeting to be held on 22.11.2010.

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13.10.2010. 08:43 – Inside and other information

T-Hrvatski Telekom, Croatia’s leading telecommunications provider, will hold a meeting for analysts and investors in London on Tuesday 2 November 2010.

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05.10.2010. 12:06 – Inside and other information

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01.10.2010. 09:00 – Inside and other information

Atlantic Grupa d.d. will hold several meetings with investors on Erste Group Investor Conference in Stegersbach on 04 October 2010 and 05 October 2010.

29.09.2010. 12:25 – Inside and other information

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28.09.2010. 10:03 – Općenita propisana informacija

Stanko Sraga, President of Workers' Council from Zagreb disposed of 50 shares of Company based on selling which makes 0,0001 % share capital and gives 0,0001% voting rights at the General Meeting. After above disposal ownership consist of 750 shares, which makes 0,0010% of share capital and gives 0,001% voting rights at the General Meeting.

28.09.2010. 08:23 – Inside and other information

T-Hrvatski Telekom (Reuters: THTC.L, HT.ZA; Bloomberg: THTC LI, HTRA CZ), Croatia’s leading telecommunications provider, announces that it has applied for pre qualification in the privatisation of Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo J.S.C. (PTK).

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