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Issuer news 14977

09.08.2011. 10:25 – Općenita propisana informacija

09.08.2011. 10:23 – Općenita propisana informacija

08.08.2011. 12:48 – Općenita propisana informacija

Medika d.d. acquired 285 own shares which makes 0,94 % of share capital.After above acquisition Medika d.d. owns 759 shares which makes 2,51 % of share capital. Price of acquistion was 7000 HRK per share.Purpose of acquisition is agreement on the sale of shares with employees.

08.08.2011. 10:57 – Općenita propisana informacija

Varteks d.d. delivered notice on General Meeting to be held on 09.09.2011.

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04.08.2011. 15:39 – Inside and other information

Atlantic Grupa d.d. received on 15 July 2011 the decree of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency, whereby the procedure for the approval of the bid for takeover of the company KALNIČKE VODE BIO NATURA d.d. is suspended, as the legal requirements for its conduct are no longer applicable.

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04.08.2011. 15:17 – Općenita propisana informacija

01.08.2011. 14:20 – Inside and other information

CROATIA osiguranje d.d. delivered business report for CROATIA osiguranje d.d. and CROATIA osiguranje Group for 2nd quarter and 1st half of 2011

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29.07.2011. 12:46 – Inside and other information

Končar Electrical Industry Inc. - Constituent Supervisory Board

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29.07.2011. 12:41 – Općenita propisana informacija

Končar - elektroindustrija d.d. delivered notice on General Meeting that was held on 28.07.2011.

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