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For security: STANOVI JADRAN d.d. - redovne dionice serije A

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28.10.2020. 10:12 – Inside and other information

Announcement of the Management and the Supervisory Board meetings

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23.10.2020. 13:45 – Notification of transactions by persons discharging managerial responsibilities (Market Abuse Regulation)

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08.10.2020. 14:50 – Code of Corporate Governance Questionnaire (art. 121. ZSE Rules)

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31.08.2020. 11:59 – Općenita propisana informacija

STANOVI JADRAN d.d. delivered notice on General Assembly that was held on 31.08.2020.

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20.07.2020. 13:27 – Općenita propisana informacija

STANOVI JADRAN d.d. has delivered Invitation to the General Assembly, to be held on 31.08.2020

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30.06.2020. 15:27 – Inside and other information

Notice of publication of the audited annual reports for 2019

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